Now with the advantage of being able to edit your photographs directly on the cell phone using Presets through the free application Lightroom Mobile, everything is much quicker easy and fun.

So I will explain what you have to do to start using your Presets and start enjoying the results!


  1. The moment you get the Pink Presets you can download them directly to your cell phone​

  2. Presets are images in DNG format which will be stored in the photographs of your cell phone and will be white, which is perfectly normal.

  3. Download the Lightroom Mobile application which is free and you do not require membership to use it

  4. Open the application and add the Presets ( white images )

  5. Now what you will do is save the Presets, choose a Preset from the ones you added to the application

  6. in the upper right there are 3 points click on them choose to create Preset, assign a name for example "Preset 1" and click on accept

  7. and ready you have your new preset saved

  8. Now you can apply this preset to any of your photographs!

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